Delivery Options

We guarantee discreet packaging, safety and privacy on all shipping methods. We are also using a hided packaging technique to ensure maximum discreetnes. When all of our methods combine, the parcel becoming 95% undetectable, even on deliveries to risky zones.

Worldwide Avg. Delivery Times Tracking Signature upon Arrival Price
Unregistered Mail from EU
EU: 6d, UK: 8d, US/CA: 10d, rest: 15d
Not Required USD 10.69
Registered Mail from EU
EU: 5d, UK: 7d, US/CA: 10d, rest: 12d
Required USD 16.09
Express Mail from EU
EU: 3d, UK: 5d, US/CA: 6d, rest: 8d
Required USD 43.09
Standard Airmail from China
EU: 15d, UK: 15d, US/CA: 12d, rest: 14d
Not Required USD 7.45
Registered Airmail from China
EU: 14d, UK: 14d, US/CA: 9d, rest: 12d
Required USD 12.85
Estimated delivery times based on averages. Delivery may take longer or shorter because of various situations.
Warehouse Info

Both Europe and China warehouses available for all countries.
By selecting shipping method when creating order, you are also selecting the warehouse.
China warehouse is more suitable for US, CA, AU, NZ, Asia customers
EU warehouse is more suitable for EU, UK customers.
EU warehouse is also OK for US and CA customers.
CN warehouse is also OK for EU and UK customers.